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jean louis del Papayou A great mix of Black-Metal, Indus, DarkSynth and a bit of Melodic Death Metal.
"Lost" is the catchy tune of the album, but all the tracks deserve a listen, be it for the cold ambiant synth or fast runs, drums that can sound electro-synthetic or natural and a bass that can get groovy at times : you won't get bored.
For the fans of Metal and SynthWave/DarkSynth Favorite track: Lost.
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released May 28, 2016

All music & lyrics composed and performed by Matt D.

"Covariance - L0VE (((oBLIVION" is licensed under a Creative Common License by-nc-sa 3.0




Covariance Avignon, France

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Track Name: Soulless
Caught in a cold casket
A soul asleep has wept
In a crackled sky of grey
A soul was swept away
In a boiling blood volcano
A soul is bathed in woe
In the dark mind of oneself
A soul will be put to death
Track Name: Dreamed
A born dead soul left alone
A dream, a life or emptiness ?
Buried alive under a bloodstone
Inside the bones a frozen caress

Raining filth
From the depleted skies
The lonely light
Drowned in their eyes

Darkred leafs
In the mourning fire
Streams of bitterness
Evaporating desires

In the wounded womb
Was breed the dark creation
A pandemonium
Of repulsion

Roots of pain have grown
In the demented forest
And with blooming death
Will come a tears harvest
Track Name: Erased
Raging hate in vain
Eternal life of pain
Disease in purity
Hatred philosophy
Track Name: Timeless
Drowned in blood
Hatred flood
Rain of fire burns my soul
Cold dead space
Dark embrace
Swallowed in a black hole

I see the light as I close my eyes
All I was told was nothing but lies

Eternally blinded
In chaotic thoughts
Track Name: Hopeless
The dying flames
Red as sorrow
Burn in my veins
Leaving me hollow

Crawling through tunnels
I'm missing the light
Skinned against your stone
My pain is so bright

Wounds of withered color
Stranding on my skin
The dawn of horror
And the madness within

Deafening bells of time
Ringing in my emptiness
Destroying the mind
Killing all hopefulness
Track Name: Lost
Lost dreams of lost paradises
Dead branches and fallen leaves
Are fading under my steps
A wounded bird calling me away

Lying in the spiderweb
Awaiting hatred to come
Her venom through my veins
Asleep secretly in my soul

My agony in its eyes
A deer is passing silently
In the burden of this life
A withered dream in a cold soul

This sorrow I've tamed
Those words unsaid
Dancing with death
I fall throughout eternity

Sap has been
From my wounded clone
Bended in the wind
My soul will break